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Finding a spouse? Easy

Saying yes? Easy

Showing off a new diamond ring? Easy

Planning your Pinterest wedding on a realistic budget? Impossible

With wedding season just around the corner, I am sure that you or someone you know is planning a wedding. Which also means that you or someone you know may be having stress induced mental breakdowns on the bathroom floor.

Here at Stamp Out we strive to lower the amount of these pre-wedding mental breakdowns and also help lower the amount of money you have to beg your future in-laws for. With newly married and recently engaged girls on staff at Stamp Out, we get weddings. We make products to help create your dream wedding on a low budget.

Rustic Heart Wedding Invitation Stamp Set

One of the first to-do's for the recently engaged couple is sending out save the dates and invitations. With the average amount spent on wedding invitation packages averaging at $700, we understand it can be a bit frightening. We've designed sets of wedding invitation stamps for your low-cost DIY wedding.

One of our favorite sets is this rustic heart design. It comes with an RSVP card stamp, wedding invitation stamp, AND a return address stamp for your envelopes all for only $125.

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While we may not be able to control that your guests send back these RSVP's on time, we can make sure that they receive a beautiful card in the mail that barely made a dent in your wedding budget. Check back next week for our next DIY wedding featured product!


Cat Armstrong
Cat Armstrong

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