DIY Wedding Favors!

Hello DIY Brides! 

I am very excited for this week’s post to talk to you guys about something that easily gets forgotten when planning a wedding. Favors! Now don’t stress, this will not put a dent in your wedding budget at all.

These favors are so easy to make and will leave a lasting impression of your special day for your guests. Our wedding favor stamps, are simple to use and we have so many to choose from to match the theme of your wedding.


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For a destination wedding check out: stamps/products/wedding-stamps-welcome-to-our-wedding

If you are having a garden wedding, take a look at: stamps/products/wedding-stamps-spread-the-love

To match your rustic wedding, here’s your stamp: stamps/products/wedding-stamps-thanks-for-joining-mason-jar

For the couple who love to keep things sweet, check out stamps/products/wedding-stamps-a-sweet-thank-you-tyler-bree

These are just a few of our stamps, our website has many more listed! We also would love to know what your wedding is like!

Send us an email describing what your wedding theme is and we can design a custom favor stamp just for you! We look forward to hearing from all you DIY brides!



Cat Armstrong
Cat Armstrong

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