Stove Top Cover, Noodle board, Personalized Stove Top Cover, Custom Ottoman Tray, Personalized Stove Top Cover "Smith Farmhouse Kitchen"

$ 85.00

Custom Ottoman Tray, Personalized Noodle board, Stove Top Cover, Wooden Serving Tray, Breakfast Tray, Rustic Tray, Farmhouse decor. 

Do NOT use this stove top tray as a cutting board; it is not food grade safe!  Recommended for decorative purposes only. Be sure that the stove top is cold to the touch, before putting it on top of the stove. We are NOT responsible for damages that could result of misuse of the noodle board/ serving tray. 

Wood Type: MDF wood
Size: 30 inch x 22.25 inch

SKU: 24707-TRAY-052